Artiom Cernijenko – Journey toward (-)-Maoecrystal V

Julian Lo – The Iron-Catalyzed Conversion of Olefins to Radicals: Applications to C–C and C–N Bond Construction

Matt Villaume – Total Synthesis of Isoprenoid Quinone Natural Products and their Biological Examination

Ruben Martinez – Total Synthesis of Pallambins C and D


Brandon Rosen –  I. C–H Functionalization Logic Enables a Synthesis of (+)-Hongoquercin A II. Total Synthesis of Dixiamycin B by Electrochemical Oxidation III. Electrochemical Allylic C–H Oxidation

Hai Dao – Steroid Synthesis Inspired Methodologies for Selective Olefin Functionalization

Nathan Wilde – The Two-Phase Synthesis of Taxane Natural Products: Developing the Tools for the Oxidase Phase

Ryan Gianatassio – Enabling Tools for Medicinal Chemistry Through C-H Functionalization and Strain Release Amination


Dane Holte – Part I: Synthetic Studies in Sequiterpenes, Part II: Total Synthesis of Verruculogen

Emily Cherney – Unified Approaches to the Synthesis of Tetracyclic Diterpenes and Related Alkaloids

Klement Foo – I: Total Synthesis of (+)-Psychotetramine II: Synthesis of Macrocyclic Sesquiterpenes III: Synthesis of Aryl Amines via C–H Functionalization

Quentin Michaudel – Oxidation of Complex Molecules: From Nature to the Flask

Rodrigo Rodriguez – Chemical Inspiration from the Synthesis of the Pyrrole Imidazole Alkaloids: A Scalable Synthesis of Axinellamines and Development of New Reagents for C-C and C-X Bond Formation

Steven McKerrall – The Total Synthesis of Ingenol


Hans Renata – Strategic Redox Relay Enables a Scalable Synthesis of Ouabagenin, A Bioactive Cardenolide

Will Gutekunst – Synthesis of Cyclobutane Natural Products using C-H Functionalization Logic


Ana-Florina Voica – Guided Desaturation of Unactivated Aliphatics

Yoshihiro Ishihara – Two-Phase Approach to Terpene Total Synthesis: Demonstration of a “Cyclase-Phase” Synthesis of the Eudesmane and Taxane Families


Jonathan Lockner – Studies in Meroterpenoid Synthesis

Jun Shi – Total Synthesis of Complex Natural Products: Cortistatin A, Vinigrol and Maoecrystal V

Ian Seiple – The Pursuit of Palau’amine

Paul Krawczuk – Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Maoecrystal V


David Lin – Part I. Oxidative Coupling of Enolates and Pyrroles and Part II. Synthesis-Guided Structural Revision of the Sarcodonin, Sarcoviolin and Hydnellin Natural Product Family

Tim Newhouse – Total Syntheses of Psychotrimine and Kapakahines B and F


Noah Burns – Total Syntheses of Haouamine A

Tom Maimone – Part I. Total Syntheses of (-)-Hapalindole U and (+)-Ambiguine H; Part II. Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Vinigrol


Ben Hafensteiner – Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Stephacidin A, Stephaciden B, Avrainvillamide and a Related Biological Probe

Carlos Guerrero – Enantiospecific Syntheses of Stephacidin and Cortistatin Alkaloids

Dan O’Malley – Total Synthesis of Dimeric Pyrrole-Imidazole Alkaloids

Jeremy Richter – Oxidative C-C Bond Formation in Heterocyclic Chemistry

Michael DeMartino – The Design and Development of Oxidative Enolate Heterocoupling and Application Toward the Total Synthesis of the Taiwankadsurins

Ryan Shenvi – Pure and Applied Science in the Chemical Synthesis of Marine Alkaloids Chartelline C and Cortistatin A